About us

TELOS Law Group

was founded in 2011. Our lawyers are driven by excellence and commitment. Quality, continuous education, and a clear customer focus are what our day-to-day work hinges on.

Trust and experience:

Our clients expect profound legal knowledge, as well as years of experience of our seasoned lawyers. We offer both, making sure that your projects receive the support they deserve. Our experience allows us to assess opportunities and risks adequately and competently. We are your reliable partner and help solve your legal problems.

Creativity and ideas:

The know-how of our lawyers and our entire staff is a prerequisite for your success, but it’s our creative and innovative way of putting ideas into practice that enables us to devise optimum solutions for you. We are committed to rising to all of these challenges.

Performance and success:

What counts for you is the outcome. Thanks to the structure of our law firm, your matter will be attended to by the legal experts most suited for this particular field. At any given time, at least two lawyers are focused on your subject matter. This allows continuous attention to your needs and a smooth flow of information—paving the way to your success.

Career development:

We are a dynamic young team. For all of us, continuous education, a meticulous working method, and personal commitment come naturally. We look into the processes of your company and incorporate ourselves into them, making sure that we interface smoothly and effectively with you.

Competence and social responsibility:

The socially disadvantaged often fail to assert their rights; business startups are rare among them, and on account of their limited financial resources they tend to fall short of their own expectations. In individual cases we therefore lend a helping hand to those who need it.

TELOS Law Group

currently has offices in Vienna and Baden (contact point).